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November 2019

Derive – Residential Apartments
Euston Road, Alexandria, 2015, NSW, Australia



"Rise Wall is the only fibre cement permanent formwork certified to AS: 5113 that did not require shop drawing & pre-fabrication. This made it ideally suited to our boundary walls.“



Project Description
Derive on Euston is a stunning collection of 35 residential apartments, spanning over five levels with retail shops below.


The project certifier requirements were for AS: 5113 certification for permanent formwork.

The client also required a high-quality finish that needed minimum further finishes along perimeter walls which are difficult to access due to the closely located adjoining property.

The site is located on busy Euston Road requiring minimal truck movement and the project was restricted for on-site storage.


The Solution
Rise Wall Super Finish is certified to AS:5113.

Using Super Finish (fibre cement) the client was able to minimise further finishes along the difficult to access perimeter walls.

The lay-flat product design reduces material handling, lessens truck movement, and required minimal on-site storage.


Products Used

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Fitted with a durable Hume Fiber cement sheet, Rise Wall Super Finish allows a wide range of materials to be directly applied its surface. This product is perfect for those wanting to build structural and non-structural walls with a finished surface for both internal and external use. This system can also be used hollow as a non-structural wall system allowing services to be installed once erected.






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